Transportation Directory

The Community Transportation Directory is a searchable resource for finding transportation services in southeastern New Hampshire.  The Directory lists a variety of services, including fixed route bus service, volunteer driver programs for trips to the doctor, taxi and limo services, and more.

While the Community Rides has attempted to verify all of the information provided, users should contact the transportation providers directly for the most up to date information on schedules and fares.

If you have suggested additions or updates to the Directory, please email


How to Use the Directory

ACT's Community Transportation Directory is designed to help you find the kind of ride you need to help you get wherever it is you need to go.  Use the search options to find the ride you're looking for.  

Please be aware that when searching by Trip Purpose or Rider's Eligibility you may not find all of the options that might serve your needs at the top of the list.  For example, if you search for a Medical trip, your search results may not include providers that will go to your destination but have no restrictions on the trip purpose.  Similarly, please check all of the Rider's Eligibility boxes that might apply to you to ensure that you find all available transportation options.  To ensure that you find all the options that might meet your needs, we have added a list of service providers with no restrictions on eligibility or trip purpose below the most relevant results under the heading "You may also find these services helpful."

Arrange a Pickup/Catch a Ride: Search for a scheduled trip - usually bus & rail transportation, using Catch a Ride. Providers listed under Arrange a Pickup must be contacted directly to arrange a time for your trip.

By Service Type: Search for a provider based on the kind of service you need.  Minibus Service includes a variety or shopper shuttles and other services; volunteer drivers typically have volunteers that use their own cars to bring clients to the doctor's office.  Do you need a taxi company or wheelchair accessible chaircar?  Are you looking for a bus service or limo? 

By Rider's Eligibility: Some transportation providers serve a defined group of clients.  Eligibility can be determined by age, veteran status, income, or other criteria.

By Trip Purpose: Transportation providers may also limit the kind of trips they'll make, such as going to the doctor's office, shopping, or perhaps the provider only provides trips to clients who are using their other services as well.

You can also visit Transportation Providers to view the complete list of providers.