The Community Rides

The Community Rides is ACT’s program of services to improve community transportation throughout the region. This includes implementing new services and coordinating existing resources through a network of volunteer driver programs, human service agencies, and local transportation providers. ACT has been granted additional Federal funding through the NH Department of Transportation to directly provide new services in the region, targeting the transportation needs of the elderly and disabled. Newly-funded services include:

  • Improved access to health care for seniors and indviduals with disabilities (launched September 2014)
  • Volunteer driver reimbursement for organized programs like Ready Rides (begun January 2013)

Future efforts planned for the region include substantial infrastructure improvements to support coordination, including enhanced service scheduling software, mobile data terminals mounted in coordination-partner vehicles, and an expanded centralized call center.


As of July 1, 2015, the Community Rides has broadened its non-emergency medical transportation service to provide transportation for seniors (60+) or individuals with disabilities who live within our 38 town service area.  To register, please call 603-834-6010 and download our application.

Health Care Providers that would like to have their clients served by the Community Rides need to register with TripLink.  Please download the Registration Form.


If you are intersted in volunteer for Ready Rides or becoming a client, please call them at (603) 244-8719.


The North Bus  was the first project to be implemented under this regional program. This program operated from April 2011 - September 2016.


Many of the organizations that provide services to the elderly and disabled rely on the generosity of volunteers. Please visit VolunteerNH to find volunteer opportunities near you.