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Blue Star Taxi
Service Type: Taxi

Blue Star Taxi serves the Portsmouth/Kittery area

Service Type: Bus & Rail, Airport Shuttle

In addition to serving towns within ACT's region, C&J also provides transportation to Newburyport, Boston's South Station, and Logan Airport.

Service Type: Limo, Airport Shuttle

Caren's Caravan serves the Seacoast and southern Maine.

Fixed Route Bus Service
Service Type: Bus & Rail

COAST operates fixed route bus service; seasonal service changes may occur.  COAST also provides comlementary ADA paratransit service.   Please visit or call (603) 743-5777 for more information. 

ADA Paratransit Service
Service Type: Chair Car, Bus & Rail

In addition to COAST's fixed-route service, COAST also provides paratransit service for individuals whose disability may prevent them from making part or all of the trip using a fixed-route bus. We follow an application process for all individuals interested in the paratransit service to determine their eligibility. The application is available both in print and audible form.

Seasonal service changes may occur. Please visit or call (603) 743-5777 for more information.

Once an individual is registered to use the ADA paratransit service, trip requests are made by calling TripLink at (603) 834-6010.  TripLink is the region's centralized transportation call center.

Clipper Connection
Service Type: Bus & Rail

The Clipper Connection is COAST's express bus service to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the businesses of Pease Tradeport.  Riders are picked up in Berwick, South Berwick, Somersworth, Dover, Rochester, and Portsmouth.

The project is funded in part with support from the US Navy's facilities division (NAVFAC) as well as a USDOT Congestion-Mitigation/Air Quality (CMAQ) grant.  The routes currently operating are just the beginning of what is expected to be a larger, multi-route service covering much of southeastern New Hampshire and border communities in southern Maine.

The service is open to the public, but serves primarily employees of the Navy Yard or Pease Tradeport.

Route 7 On Demand
Service Type: Bus & Rail

7 On Demand is an advance-reservation service will be open to the general public in a service area within ¾-mile around the previous Route 7 bus stops in Exeter, Newmarket, and Market Basket in Stratham.

This service is available to the general public.

Community Action Partnership of Strafford County
Service Type: Minibus Service

Strafford CAP provides door-to-door, demand response transportation to anyone age 60 and over. The program operates Tuesday through Friday, and the majority of the rides are to grocery, discount, clothing, area malls, shopping plazas and other stores.

The following is a sample of the Senior Transportation route (Notice: All routes are subject to change):

  • Tuesday morning: Dover to Dover stores
  • Tuesday afternoon: Dover to Dover stores
  • Thursday morning: Barrington/Durham to Lee Plaza
  • Wednesday morning: Gonic/Rochester/East Rochester to Rochester stores
  • Wednesday afternoon: Dover to Dover stores
  • Thursday: Rochester/East Rochester to Rochester stores
  • Friday morning: Farmington to Rochester stores
  • Friday afternoon: Dover and Rochester alternate bi-weekly; Rochester to Dover or Newington area stores, and Dover to Newington area stores

Community Partners
Service Type: Client Transportation

Community Partners provides certain transportation services to its program clients.

Daily transportation for client with developmental disabilities to 3 Day Habilitation sites and Great Bay Services

Community Rides
Service Type: Minibus Service, Chair Car

ACT works with a coordinated network of transportation providers to serve as the “provider of last resort” for curb-to-curb non-emergency medical transportation within the ACT region. You are encouraged to contact other services that you might be eligible for, before requesting a ride through our Community Rides program. Rides are provided at no charge, but riders are limited to 10 one-way trips per month. There is no guarantee that your request will be fulfilled.

Because funding is limited and trips are not guaranteed, we encourage you to research multiple transportation options to meet your needs.

Ride requests are made by contacting TripLink at 603-834-6010 or Your ride request is posted to a confidential “Trip Board”. ACT’s network of providers will then have the opportunity to view the trip requests and determine if they are able to fulfill that request. Riders will be notified within 2 days of their trip if their request has been selected.

The purpose of the application is to allow you to provide ACT with the information necessary to determine if you are eligible for this service, as well as the contact information we will need to reach you. Submit your completed application to

TripLink is the region's centralized transportation call center.