Regional Coordination Council

Regional Coordination Councils (RCC’s) are designated by the State Coordinating Council for Community Transportation. ACT is the RCC for the Southeast NH Region (Region 10). Region 10 consists of 38 cities and towns with a population of over 260,000 people, covering over 770 square miles.


The creation of the State Coordinating Council for Community Transportation (SCC) in 2007 (RSA 239-B) led to the delineation of 10 regions in the state for development of “regional coordination councils” (RCC).

ACT’s interest in and history of working to better coordinate community transportation services in southeastern New Hampshire led to its designation as the Regional Coordination Council for Southeast New Hampshire in early 2010. The role of the RCC is to “facilitate the implementation of coordinated community transportation” and “encourage the development of improved and expanded regional community transportation services”.

The Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (COAST), which provides public transit services in the region, has been successful in obtaining federal grant funds to support ACT’s efforts. COAST has been recognized as the RCC’s lead agency for Section 5310 RCC Funds.