Join ACT

The following organizations are eligible to become members of ACT upon adoption of ACT’s Memorandum of Understanding.

  • Any public, private non-profit, or for-profit organization based in the region which currently funds, arranges, or provides such transportation services for its citizens, clients, or customers;
  • Any regional public transportation agency or state or regional agency involved in the planning or provision of public transportation in the region;
  • Organizations representing groups of consumers and constituents that would be positively affected by such mobility and access improvements in the region.

Citizen members must be residents of the service area and take an active interest in improving mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities. Applications to be a citizen member must be submitted to the Secretary no later than 10 days prior to ACT’s regular monthly meeting.

State and federal agency members associated with the work of ACT are automatically ex-officio members of the RCC. A letter of commitment to serve in this capacity must be submitted to the Chair and renewed on an annual basis.

Each member is afforded 1 full vote. To be in “good standing” a member or alternate must attend at least 66% of the regularly scheduled meetings in a year.