Coordination Efforts

Graphic: Granite State Mobility Logo

Coordination in New Hampshire is spearheaded by the State Coordinating Council (SCC). The SCC was established by the NH Legislature in 2007 (RSA 239-B, updated in 2010) after the publication of Statewide Coordination of Community Transportation Services by the Governor’s Task Force on Community Transportation.

The SCC’s goal has been to reduce duplication, increase the availability of service, and make scarce resources go further as the need for transportation increases with an aging and growing population.

Per RSA 239-B, the SCC defined regions throughout New Hampshire in which Regional Coordination Councils (RCCs) would be established.

What is Coordination?

Transportation coordination is a strategy for the efficient and effective use of resources. Through collaboration and coordination, transportation and human service providers reduce the cost of providing rides and increase the amount of services that can be provided.

For example, human service agencies can reduce costs by transporting each others’ clients and transit providers can reduce administrative costs by using a centralized call center. The end result is that costs are reduced and a higher level of service can be provided to those in need.

For more information on transportation coordination, visit the National Resource Center for Human Service Coordination and go to our Links page for additional resources.